Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday SALE!!!

I hope your ready for Thanksgiving......because I sure am! I don't do a whole lot of shopping on "Black Friday". I went one year with friends and family at midnight when the mall opened, and that one time was enough for me :). But this year, I am going to have a sale of my own! So, get ready.....because this Friday, The Shepherds Fold inside the Sleepy Poet (located at the end corner of isle 11) with have a 20% off sale!!! This sale includes all items, even already reduced items! It bugs me when a store says their having a "sale", but it excludes a long list of items. When I say every item, I mean every item! Don't miss out! The sale starts Friday at opening and ends at closing! If you have questions regarding the sale or location of the Poet, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

One other things about me.....I really do love Thanksgiving.....everything about it. The de'cor. The food. The cooking. The talking. The family time. The history. Did I mention the food?! Normally, I don't like to rush Christmas before Thanksgiving. But I knew if I didn't get my Christmas items in my booth last week, it wouldn't happen before the Black Friday sale. So, I went against the grain and just did it early. I got this idea late one night while I was trying to go to sleep......I wanted to get a couple old sap buckets and put real, live cedar tree's in them. One, it brings in the winter feel, and two, the blessed smell of cedar puts me in the holiday mood quick! So that's what I did! Here's a few pictures for you to enjoy......

I had several signs from last Christmas that I brought in. They are great touches for your home....all around $16.95 each.

I try not to go overboard with the spray snow...but I just love spraying it :) Check out that awesome old mirror! I had to think about if I wanted to sale this one for a while. It is a awesome old boy for sure. And the old bowling pins.....love em!

Here's a whole booth picture...yep, that's me working away! I brought in a few holiday aprons that my Mom and little sister make. They are reversible and darling! Adult and children sized available.

To me, it's not Christmas without holly, so of course, I added a few holly branches here and there.

I hope everyone has a awesome Thanksgiving! Enjoy every minute of it. Every year is different. Treasure and savor every part of the holidays!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music Added!

Ok! I have finally figured out how to add a music player to my blog! Everybody, turn up your speakers and enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Alrighty, here are three paintings that I have completed! I wanted to share them with you guys. Over the summer I was introduced to "mixed media" art. I'm starting to love it more and more. Now, you have to know me to understand this....but my style changes pretty often! I used to love modern - you know, everything stainless steel, kind of thing. But over the past couple of years, I have become a shabby girl. Now, I'm beginning to really like combining modern with the chippy.
Here's one painting. Over the summer I was given a poetry book that has this quote in it. I think it is beautiful (by Thomas Merton):
I will travel to You, Lord, through a thousand blind alleys. You want to bring me to You through stone walls.

This is how it is with the Lord so much of the time. You see, He runs to our "impossibilities". What seems far out or too difficult to us is NOTHING to Him! Take walking through a stone wall.....seems ridiculous, right? But that's how He works. He wants to bring us closer to Him through impossibilities. I dare you to believe Him for extravagant things today......He really wants to give you the BEST of the best! He is a good Daddy, Who loves to give good gifts!

Here's another one.........a quote from Father Himself!
"Blessed are those who chase after Me...for I am always chasing after them."

One more....a favorite. I love old photos. This one of a lady reading a letter is lovely. It says
"Oh God, You are my God. Earnestly I seek You. Your unfailing love is better than life...in You....I am satisfied." Psalm 63.
I can't decide if I want to sell it or not :-/.

Yesterday, I found this HUGE silver tray. I have never seen one like it. It is about 24" in diamater and it is on a pedestal that turns! It is heavy, old and tarnished.....absolutely FABULOUS for the holiday dining table! For today it is sitting on my plank table until I take it up to the Poet in the next couple of days.

Well, I think that's all for now. I have a couple smaller pieces to paint and take up to the Poet this week. I will post new booth pics then.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! I can't wait!!! This is the most beautiful time of year. I am so wanting to take a trip to the mountains, though!

Until next time....every one have a great, peaceful day!

Quote for the day "God's work done His way never lacks provision." amen and amen!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Different Kind of Post...

Good morning everybody! I know this is a little different kind of post.....but I want to do it anyway :) This morning while I've been spending time with the Love of my life, I wanted you all to know something.........Jesus is my Love. I'm not telling you this to brag or seem "super spiritual"... I'm telling you this because I have experienced life with Him. It is so so so good. Yea, there are hard days and many days you wonder if anything is going to turn out right. But, all of it is worth it. Seriously. I like writing little notes in my books or Bibles and dating them so that I can look back and remember them. Today I read on that said "Christ' anointing teaches you the TRUTH on everything you need to know about yourself and Him" (1 John 2:26). It's true. The more I spend time with Him....the more I dig into His word, the more I come to know the real Him and I get to see who I really am. And it's really good. I'm in love with this man Jesus of Nazareth, and He's In love with me. This is the reason for this post: for you to know that HE IS OUTRAGEOUSLY IN LOVE WITH YOU....HE IS PASSIONATE ABOUT YOU....HE CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU. HE HAS ENGRAVED YOUR NAME ON THE PALM OF HIS HAND!(Isaiah 49)
I am praying for you today, that you will really grasp the reality of this life changing truth. Once you know how He feel's about you.....it will radically change you....and you'll never be the same again. It is wonderful to live life with Him. He has the absolute BEST for you. Don't settle for average. He is extravagant :). That's how He loves. I pray that you encounter the REAL, LOVING, GOOD Jesus today. I pray that you see Him smiling at you today....because He is.

"Know and believe the LOVE that God has for you today..." 1 John 4:16

It's rainy here is Monroe! I'm going to paint a desk and a few boards to take up to the Poet tomorrow. I'll post pictures later on.
Have an awesome day!

Blessed are those who chase after Me........for I am always chasing after them.
We will meet.