Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Booth Update!

Hi everyone! Well, last week when I went up to the Poet to change up my booth, I took my camera but left the battery at home! I was so annoyed! So today when I went, I made sure I had ALL the parts to the camera! So here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

I found this fabulous old plank top table a couple weeks ago. The planks looked bleached out from years of weathering.......I love love it!!! Then this past weekend I found this chippy white chair that I thought would be cute with the table. So now, it would be a awesome writing desk in a bedroom, a nice greeting in your foyer.....or pass on the chair and use the table as a island! Every home needs a good farm table!

Do you see the artwork above the chest mirror?? This is a new thing I'm trying out......inspired by a awesome artist couple, Chris and Amy Underwood in NC. It has a quote that says "today no matter what it takes, we ride home together"
A friend of mine led me to that quote one day and I thought it would be so sweet for a couple to have in their home! And that big ole heavy mirror on the wall?! My brother came across some old trim and made this mirror! It is big and beautiful!

Now, I think this hall tree is amazing. I need to take a picture of the BACK of it for you to see its beautiful chippy turquoise paint!!!

A bit of exciting news: at the end of this month The Shepherds Fold will be expanding across the "lane" in the Poet to a larger booth! I will gain about 40 more square feet. I'm really excited. Today I found two of the most breathtaking pieces ever! I will be picking them up on Thursday......as soon as I get them, I will post pictures.

Well, I think that's all for tonight. Stay tuned for more updates :)

Everyone have a great evening.

"Be faithful in the little things"

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Country Chic Heaven

This is whatI am calling it......Country Chic (inspired by another vendor at the Poet...thank you ma'am)! Its not rustic and its not shabby either......its a combination. And since, early this morning, me and my brother went out to the middle of nowhere country-ville to acres of fields full of beautiful "junk", I think the name suits it well :)

Well.....this is what my booth currently looks like! This morning I brought in a Chippy Door made Hall Tress, old barn door, a awesome old Smoke Blue Carriage Bench, little plank farm table-one that would be great for a breakfast nook (its missing the front of the drawer, but I still loved it), a chippy white milk can, a rusty stop/slow sign ( I'm really into old road signs :), window panes, a beautiful old barn door, and a old water cooler. I think that's it. Boy did we move fast, too! We we're there by 8:30 and done by 9:45!

I love days like this. I love looking back and seeing a whole truck load of treasures like today! This business is a lot of continual work...but I love it. Its worth every minute in the long run. So here's a picture of what my booth looks like as of this afternoon!

And here's another angle shot.........

After a long, but great day, its time to hit the hay for a few hours. Then, I'm up and running in the morning! The weekend is almost here.....(maybe hit some yard sales?!?!) And I am looking very forward to the weekend for sure :) Good night everyone!


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moved In!

Well....I am officially in a booth at The Sleepy Poet in Charlotte NC! I have a 9 x 10 space........I really thought I would have plenty, if not too much stuff, but it is amazing how much stuff you can get into a space. All you need is the right angle and a little determination....right ladies :)

Here is what it looked like on move in day......
Notice the box that the quilt is in?? It is a old salt box that, back in the day, they would "cure" meat in. I beat it up and rubbed some paint on it to give it a little love. It is one heavy booger, too! hehehe I love it with books and quilts! It would be awesome at the foot of a bed.

Men Working sign...SOLD!

This week, I am going to be going a LOT! I have a lot more space to fill. It's work....but I do enjoy it! Here is a old primitive chest and mirror that I will be taking up there in the next couple of days......the mirror did not come with it, but I love them together!

A lot of dark wood pieces look gothic and cold to me --- just my opinion :) --- but this piece is very warm. As you see my booth through out the weeks and months, you will come to see that I am a seasonal girl. I love changing my decor according to seasons. So right now I am getting ready for my favorite season, FALL, which for me is lots of browns, rust, burnt orange( my favortie color, by the way)......all the beautiful colors of the leaves.....you will see me using lots of branches :)

This is all for now. Check back in later on this week for updates and more photos!

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.....and have a great Labor Day!