Thursday, September 10, 2009

Country Chic Heaven

This is whatI am calling it......Country Chic (inspired by another vendor at the Poet...thank you ma'am)! Its not rustic and its not shabby either......its a combination. And since, early this morning, me and my brother went out to the middle of nowhere country-ville to acres of fields full of beautiful "junk", I think the name suits it well :)

Well.....this is what my booth currently looks like! This morning I brought in a Chippy Door made Hall Tress, old barn door, a awesome old Smoke Blue Carriage Bench, little plank farm table-one that would be great for a breakfast nook (its missing the front of the drawer, but I still loved it), a chippy white milk can, a rusty stop/slow sign ( I'm really into old road signs :), window panes, a beautiful old barn door, and a old water cooler. I think that's it. Boy did we move fast, too! We we're there by 8:30 and done by 9:45!

I love days like this. I love looking back and seeing a whole truck load of treasures like today! This business is a lot of continual work...but I love it. Its worth every minute in the long run. So here's a picture of what my booth looks like as of this afternoon!

And here's another angle shot.........

After a long, but great day, its time to hit the hay for a few hours. Then, I'm up and running in the morning! The weekend is almost here.....(maybe hit some yard sales?!?!) And I am looking very forward to the weekend for sure :) Good night everyone!



  1. LOVE it, the best display yet for you!!! I love the door with bench attached!! Talk at you later, Janna