Sunday, September 6, 2009

Moved In!

Well....I am officially in a booth at The Sleepy Poet in Charlotte NC! I have a 9 x 10 space........I really thought I would have plenty, if not too much stuff, but it is amazing how much stuff you can get into a space. All you need is the right angle and a little determination....right ladies :)

Here is what it looked like on move in day......
Notice the box that the quilt is in?? It is a old salt box that, back in the day, they would "cure" meat in. I beat it up and rubbed some paint on it to give it a little love. It is one heavy booger, too! hehehe I love it with books and quilts! It would be awesome at the foot of a bed.

Men Working sign...SOLD!

This week, I am going to be going a LOT! I have a lot more space to fill. It's work....but I do enjoy it! Here is a old primitive chest and mirror that I will be taking up there in the next couple of days......the mirror did not come with it, but I love them together!

A lot of dark wood pieces look gothic and cold to me --- just my opinion :) --- but this piece is very warm. As you see my booth through out the weeks and months, you will come to see that I am a seasonal girl. I love changing my decor according to seasons. So right now I am getting ready for my favorite season, FALL, which for me is lots of browns, rust, burnt orange( my favortie color, by the way)......all the beautiful colors of the will see me using lots of branches :)

This is all for now. Check back in later on this week for updates and more photos!

Thanks for dropping by. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.....and have a great Labor Day!

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