Monday, April 26, 2010

New Depot Pictures!

Oh my goodness...I cannot believe it has been a WHOLE MONTH since I have done a blog post! I know, its bad. I promise, I will try harder :).

Its funny how I feel like I am at The Mill all the time. It never fails: people bring things up to the front all the time that I love (and normally at a great price), but I had never seen the item! It is very frustrating! I want to say "I'm can't buy this...its already been sold"! I am kidding. But seriously...I do want to say it sometimes. When Janna and I walk around, we hardly ever look for things to buy. We are looking to make sure all of the booths are up to par. The other night, it was really quiet. So I decided that night was the night I was going to walk the whole Mill and look at all the stuff for me!! It was fun! I didn't buy anything though. Since I have been working...I have only spent $85! I have purchased a fabulous dresser that is now in my apartment...and a set of 5 Laughlin bowls. I have decided I have 3 weaknesses with antiques: 1. tarnished mirrors. 2. tarnished silver. 3. odd pieces of chine and ironstone! When I have my own home, I want to have odd sets of china. I'm starting on my collection now :)

I have taken a few pictures of The Mill for you to see. I hope you enjoy them....

This is Whitaker Fabrics in our Design Center. I LOVE how she has it laid out. I am not a fabric girl. I don't like to sew. Everything in my apartment is pinned. Stitch whitchery is my friend. But her fabric is FABULOUS! I makes me want to sew something! The fabrics starts at $8.99 a yard.

This is 3-D Landscaping...also in the Design Center. These guys worked long, long hours getting this job done. And their work paid looks amazing! It adds so much to that room. Just a reminder: in the Design Center, we are renting space for $2.50 a square foot (non-retail space), and $1.25 a sqaure foot for retail space. We want it filled with contractors, IDS and others will items for the home and garden. We are limiting it to one trade for vendor. If you have any questions on renting space, call us at 704-787-9351. You can check us out at and on Facebook - The Depot at Gibson Mill.

I LOVE the front porch of The Mill. Even though the train flies by, I still love it. (I have really, really come to hate trains. You know the people that say you will come to the point that you don't hear it --- that's not true. Just saying :) One thing I love to do is sit on a porch when it is raining. It is a very soothing thing to me.

One of our vendors sales his Japenese Maple Trees out on the ramp in one of the old mill carts. I think its a nice touch.

Nothing new has been done in my booth. I might go and do a little junkin before I come in tomorrow. We shall see.

Until next time ( I will try to not let it be another month! ), I hope you had a wonderful day today. Remember HOW MUCH Jesus loves and adores you. He thinks you are the best thing He created. I don't even know you....but I know that HE knows the real you....and He thinks you are pretty awesome :) You make Him smile. You make His heart leap for JOY! Please believe that. Father us all grasp that truth. Once we do....we shall never be the same. The thoughts and remarks from people won't faze us. The critical remarks won't get us all out of whack. The stressful days won't be as difficult to get through. Once we begin to go through our day WITH Him, not just representing Him...our days will be peaceful (Leslie Ludy - Authentic Beauty).
May we all come this place, in Jesus Name.
Have a great night!
Blessings from Rachel at The Depot.