Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Depot Booth Pictures!!

I had not done a thing to my booth for atleast a month....terrible, I know! So....last Friday, I came in to open. I left early, went and did a little junkin, came and opened up The Mill and worked in my booth all morning! It was wonderful!! I haven't felt "inspired" lately......I am so glad I'm feeling normal again!!

I had a mess!! When I re-amp my booth, I take everything out, pile it up and pick pieces out. I don't know why I work this way, but I do :) I sold a piece last Thursday and didn't have a piece ready to go in its place. I decided to take a chest of drawers out of my apartment. Anything I ever buy, I always know in the back of my head that one day it will probably end up in my booth. The life of a dealer, right?!

So, here are pictures of the final result. I am very pleased with it. That is one of the best feelings....to step back, look at your booth and say "its beautiful"!
I am so thankful for my life. I am so happy! Last summer, I heard "do what you love...and love what you do." I do love what I do...and I am blessed to do what I love. Yes, some days are stressful.....but thats the life of Managment! But at the end of the day, I can say "yes, I do enjoy my job so much"!! I am glad that I am getting back my passion, though. I am finding myself wanting to paint again!! Over the next week I will be getting some new signs painted.

I hope you are doing what you love. I pray that you will find your every desire and need met in the One Who knows you best. I am still learning a lot of things,.....but one thing I have learned about Him is this: He does care about what I want. He does love me. He does want me to enjoy every second of the day....and it is His pleasure to give me the desires of my heart. PLEASE BELIEVE THAT HE IS THE SAME WITH YOU!! He has no favorites, yet YOU are the center of His delight!! You are everything to Him. You make Him smile. You capture Him. You are the reason He is. And in Him, we have our being. Jesus....His love...the Father....this is reality. Its not something "good" to hear. Its not just something to imagine or what we'll experience when we go to heaven. This is a tangible reality that you can live in 24/7....and that is the cry of His heart for you and this generation --- that we will come to know Him for Who He really is....the One Who intentionally loves us with every fiber of His being.

My hearts prayer is that you come to know Him for Who He really is. Talk to Him. Look into His eyes. Cry on His shoulder. Colapse in His arms. All the stress, pain, fear and worry will melt away when He holds you.....I promise :)

Enjoy the rest of your week...knowing you are loved!