Saturday, August 29, 2009

Load of Junkin' Treasures!!!

I have been working away getting things ready for my booth at the Poet....which I will be moving into this coming week. I came across a beautiful old vanity and wardrobe, a dark side table and a cute old box. They all had awesome detail and lines --- the kind that a shabby girl like me LOVES! This is a before picture (I thought I had a before picture of the wardrobe, but I didn't)

Now......look at the after! This might be one of my favortive pieces that I have painted!!! I'm loving the color for fall. Sitting on the vanity is a really old antique Singer sewing machine that I got from a yard sale!

Here is my load thats ready for the Poet! Yesturday, I headed out early and went out to this place in the middle of nowhere that a old man sells LOADS of junk! I found this "Men Working" sign. Now, I don't normally buy rusty signs...but this one caught my attention, so I had to get it :).

I was very pleased with how the wardrobe came out. The Antique Green color is soft but strong...which is perfect to me. I LOVE the dark wood peeping through.

I'm getting so excited about my new booth. If you are in the Charlotte area, be sure to swing by and check it out!

I hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome Everyone! I am finally a "blogger"! I will be adding some pictures soon, but here is a update on what I am up to. I will be moving into a new location at the end of the month: The Sleepy Poet Antique Mall, located on South Blvd in Charlotte NC. I still have my booth inside The Curious Cat in the wonderful town of Monroe North Carolina, but I felt like it was time to expand a little. I am so excited!!! I am finding lots of awesome old beauties to shab' up and put in my new booth. So, be sure to check back in and see what new things I have added on. Follow me to see all the treasures I will find......because I do find lots of them. I just might have that one treasue that is waiting to be in your home. Have a great weekend everyone!