Sunday, March 28, 2010


Once again...its been far too long since I've done a post. Life is pretty full right now. But, life it good!
THE DEPOT at Gibson Mill will be having its GRAND OPENING this weekend! April 3rd will be the big day, with Bluegrass music on the front porch, gift cards, food and fun! Cabbarrus Creamery & S&D Coffee will finally be in!!! We will be opening our last phase - The Home & Garden Design Center. This will house Outdoor Landscaping, Hardwood Flooring, Decoritive Countertops, along with 49 more dealer booths! We are officially HUGE! You can come and see that we really are the biggest antique mall in the Southeast!!! People ask me "is their another floor". I want to say "are you crazy?! Heck no!" With right under 100,000 square feet, I think we're good. I get my walking in everyday.....lets just put it that way. A dear, smart lady told me that our slogan should be "Wear your tennis shoes!". She is a smart lady indeed :)
I know this might seem a little strange, planning grand opening on Easter Weekend. But Metrolina is having their big Extravaganza this weekend too. They close at 5...we're open til 9! If your planning on heading out to Metrolina...great! But come see us afterwards.

Today, we went up to the Mill so I could work on my little booth. I changed it up a bit. This weekend, there will be fresh flowers.....I'm thinking some sunflowers...maybe some daisies...we'll see. Fresh flowers is a joy of mine. I think it adds such a warm touch to any space.
Everyday at work, I am learning new things. Its funny how the Lord uses ordinary things to speak to me.

If you've never had minutes, hours, or days just spending time getting to know YOUR Father...its never too late. No matter how far off base you may be - He is waiting. Have you ever read the story about the prodigal son? That story is the ultimate illustration of how your Father is waiting on you. The prodigal son had screwed up really, really bad. But his father didn't care.
You see, we are that son. We have failed. We had messed up. We have sinned. We have done everything to turn Him away. But yet He all the while is sitting on the front porch, looking with anticipation for the day He sees us walking down the driveway to Him. Oh and when He sees us --- He will JUMP off the porch and RUN to us! Dirt and all, He embraced us. His tears of joy wash all the trash off. This isn't just a sunday school story, ya'll!!! This IS OUR FATHER!!! God, help us all get this!

Jesus: how do you see Him? Do you think He will turn you away? Jesus is the wonderful man Who protected a prostitute from being stoned to death. He didn't judge her. He forgave her and set her free. Jesus is the compassionate man Who held a man with leprosy and healed him. Jesus is the only One Who will love us even when we turn away from Him. That is my Jesus. That is the man Who has captured my heart for a long long time. He is my everything. He longs to be your Jesus too. Reach out to Him. I promise you....He will scoop you up with a big ole smile on His face!!! I pray that this will be branded on your heart this Easter Season.

Until next time......enjoy being loved!
Blessings to you and yours. ~Rachel


  1. Wonderful post!! He better be there for us this weekend diring the open house or else we will have to go up and get him! Amen sister! I hope your day was not to awfully hactic! NOT,right? Hugs, Janna

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post! Thanks for for all PR you do for me up at the Depot! I appreciate it like crazy!
    Your booth looks adorable.Lets hope we all get wiped out during the Grand Opening!!

  3. Hello Rachel - just want to say how nice it was to meet you Sat. and how enjoyable the Grand Opening was at the Depot. So glad we made it down - Vanessa and I were gobsmacked (English slang!) when we saw the size of the place and all the treasure waiting to be drooled over! We loved it all and definitely want to come back. Yes, we'll have to get a busload of Raleigh gals together - after I get back from Africa!

    Good luck with the venture - I'm glad Janna was able to keep in touch and let me know about this great shopping venue.

    Happy Spring.
    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

    P.S. I'll post tomorrow on my purchases - all of which I'm thrilled with!

  4. Truly all of your things are beautiful!
    I wish I was there, to see in person.
    I may purchase some things, need to prioritize.
    Absolutely beautiful!
    I had to e-mail my sister & tell her about you & of course she looked on your blog & has fallen in love..... She lives in Alberta