Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Promised Pictures...

Here are the pictures I promised you!!

First picture on the left are the row houses of Philadelphia.....they are everywhere on the Art Museum side!

The picture on the right is Philly at night....it is beautiful!!

This is The Reading Terminal Station....it used to be a train terminal, but now it is used for merchants to see their goods. The Amish come on Wednesdays and sell their baked goods --- and let me just say, they have the BEST Philly Cheesecake and Pretzels!!!!! If you're ever in Philadelphia, the Reading Terminal is a must!

This is the FIRST church of America!! The lead glass in the windows is still perfect. They still have Sunday services here to this day.

Ok.....moving on to the Amish Country......

The auction was fun...even though all I bought was a set of canisters :)

That's all for now......more post to come soon. Try to stay cool.....its suppose to hit 100 here in NC this weekend......Lord help us!!!!! Even though I do work in a "mill".....I'm so glad we have AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!

May you rest in the peace of knowing that in Him, you have everything.

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  1. Hi Rachel, can see you've been busy traveling and celebrating a big birthday! Belated best wishes dear - I hope this will be an awesome year for you!

    Told Janna I so hope to get back to see you all and shop the Depot after this Summer heat ends - know I'm missing all the treasures! I've been so busy since returning from Africa - New England and Canada visits - and now preparing to head to California with my granddaughter for a week's visit to my dear friend who has a Summer lake house. After that, hopefully it will cool down around here, then I can organize a visit to Charlotte and come see y'all!!

    Take care and I know Janna's SO happy to have you back!

    Hugs - Mary
    A Breath of Fresh Air