Thursday, October 8, 2009

Expansion for The Shepherds Fold!

Alright, I am in my larger booth at the Poet now! I now have about 40 more square feet than I had before. It was a great move, too, just right across the isle! Last week, I didn't post anything because I wasn't really happy with it, but I took a few things up there today and got things moved around. I am very pleased with it now :)

Check this mirror out --- another one my brother made. But I love this one more than the first! It is the perfect size! I am very tempted to keep it for my new apartment :)..........

One more picture......I have put a few harvest signs in my booth. I am so ready for fall and cold weather! I can't wait to see all the leaves change...for pumpkins.....for hay......fir deer meat (oh yes, I love deer meat --- I am a country girl!) !
This is my favorite time of year!!!

This is all for today. Hopefully everyone has had a great week. The weekend is almost here.....praise the Lord!!! I am moving into a apartment we have over out garage next I will post pictures when I have it painted and decorated. There will be lots of "shabbiness" up there, you know!
Have a great evening!

"Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in I will make you ruler over much." Matthew 25:23 ......Lord, help us be faithful in the little things.

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  1. LOOKS fabulous!! I will be heading up tomorrow to the Poet for sure with a load so I will be able to see it on person!! Been out Junkin all day, got some cool stuff, will post it all later! Talk at you soon, Janna