Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Feaver at The Depot

I'm not sure about you, but I am so tired of summer!! I'm ready for fall like never before! Slowly but surely its cooling down here in the South. I'm ready for plaid, boots,cold weather, colored leaves, pumpkins, deer meat, watching the leaves fall off the trees....need I go on!? The front porch of The Depot is ready with hay, corn stalks and pumpkins thanks to Amy over at Nanbrook Farms!! All we need now is the c o l d! Lord, please send the cold!!

Up at The Depot, our vendors are gearing up for fall. Things are constantly changing here. New items come in the door literally every day. Between renting booths, monitoring the never stops around here! Janna and I are coming to grasp with that fact! Its a good thing we love what we do :-). The mill was buzzing today.....and I'm loving every minute of it with fall in the air!

I have walked around, admiring so many fabulous booths today and snapped a few pictures to share with here they are.....
This is "Dwellings by Devore". These two ladies have done a wonderful job with their booth in their Design Center! Vintage and Modern colliding.....I love it!! Check at her blog,

This guy has a funky "anthropology" look going on. Combined with the chippy blue brick, it looks good!! So my newst fling is BURLAP!! My cabinet curtains are burlap, pillows covered in burlap, and now I'm putting it on old frames!

This is one of our new vendors....her booth is called "Jess ShAbby"....and it is the perfect "Rachel Ashwell" girlie shabbiness!!! Complete with White, lace, and darling handmade lampshades.....she has rocking it out marvelously!! Janna and I are so excited to have any offical shabby dealer!

The "Log Cabin" is beautiful and ready to welcome the fall season. This will forever be one of my favorite booths!

If you haven't came by to see us, you must!! Its getting better and better with every passing week. Slowly but surely we are chipping away at the very long "to do" list that I feel will never end with our precious old mill! Come on and spend the day with us shopping or just enjoying rocking away the day on our front porch. We would love to meet you!
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!
"Treasure the small things in life. For one day you will look back and see they we're the most important."

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  1. OMG.... I can't believe I am just getting to this post!! It looks fantastic!! I can't sleep so I am up blogging, just did a new post. Talk at you tomorrow! Hugs, janna