Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days to Christmas Countdown!

Good Morning everybody!
Starting today, I am starting the countdown to Christmas. I know it's supposed to be 12 days before.....but I'm doing 25 :). Everyday starting today to December 25, I will be posting one reason why Jesus came for you and me personally. There's so much more to Him than just Him dying. Why did He die? Why did He choose to come into this filthy, low world? Yes, He loves us. But how much?
So, anytime you have a extra minute or these kind of questions are running through your head....swing by here and see what His answer is. He is always speaking to us...we've just gotta open up our ears.

Day 1: Jesus came so that you and I could be happy.....
all the time, no matter the circumstances.He wants us to be happy in His presence! Check it out in Psalm 16:11
This is good stuff :)

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