Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 9...and NEW ITEM!!!

We are just 16 days away from Christmas Day! I can't wait!!! A family here in Monroe have made homemade mangers with a baby Jesus in them. They are DARLING!!! Each manger is hand crafted...even the cedar wood was hand cut to build the manger! Very rustic and warm. Each one comes with a tag that says "I came for you." It is the very heart of Christmas!!! The price is $27.95. Shipping will vary on your location. Mini mangers available by request.

Day 9: Jesus came for the "sick".

I love this scripture in Matthew. The religious people we're criticizing Him for hanging out with the sinners of that day. His response was this: "Healthy people do not need a doctor. Only the sick need a doctor!" Matt. 9:12

That is our Jesus. See how good and loving He is. He loves running to the ones that have fallen, who are muddy and dirty. He loves to pick them up, clean them up, and heal them in whatever way they need healing. This is our Jesus.

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