Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 14...

Day 14: Jesus came to give us our hearts desires.

This one might be a little long today. I'm sorry if I'm seeming to "preachy". But once you experience the goodness of can't stay quiet about Him :)

This morning, I was reading in Mark 10, about the blind beggar Bartemaus. Get those two words: blind and beggar. This man was considered the scum of the earth in those days. He couldn't see Jesus.....but when he heard that He was passing by, Bartemaus cried out with all of his might to Jesus. Now, all the people (hint, these we're the religious people) around him told him to be quiet. That didn't faze the blind man. He was determined to get to Jesus. Gosh, this is so vivid to me this morning....I hope it is to you, too!!!
So, he's yelling out to Jesus. Jesus hears him....stops dead in His tracks and turns to the man. Jesus....yes, our Jesus, the Son of God...stoops down to where this blind beggar in on the dusty road...hold's his face and says:
"What do you want me to do for you?"
Can you see the love in Jesus here?! Can you see His willingness here?!
He is asking you and me this one question. It is a simple question...but yet seem's so hard for us to answer.
I pray that we fully grasp the reality of how extravagantly good He is. I pray that we see Him, sitting on the edge of His throne, just waiting for us to tell Him what we want and need. Oh, may we grasp this amazing love of our King today.

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