Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24...

Day 24: Jesus came to have a relationship with you.

So many people get messed up with religion. But, the truth is, religion is nothing like Jesus. Come on was the religious people of His day that hated Him and crucified Him! No....He is not about what you do or how you live. Yes, it matters to Him. But His affection and love for you is NOT based on what you do or what you can produce. Religion is always about WORKS. Jesus is all about RELATIONSHIP! Any messed up image that you have of Him, I pray that today will be wiped out of you mind forever. Once you come to experience Him for Who He REALLY will never be the same. Open up to Him. Let Him love you today. He desperately wants to.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve! I am about to curl up in front of the fire, eat some good food, and spend time with my family. Many blessings from Monroe to you and your family this Christmas Eve!!!

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