Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 4...

Day 4: Jesus came so that we could live in peace!

This week, the Lord has reeeaaalllyyy been talking to me about depending on Him in every circumstance. I have fallen off the wagon hard! He has really been telling me that when I am fully dependent on HIM, I will live life in blessings and peace! The good news is this: He does not require us to not make mistakes....He just requires that we trust Him!

I love this saying: "When you make a mess out of life, turn the mess over to Jesus. He will un-mess the messer and make an asset out of the mess!"

He is proving this to me, even this morning! I pray that you get this, too! Don't get tore up when you fail. He see's us as little children! We don't expect children to be perfect and not make mistakes. He is the same with us! Now, this is good news!!!! This is why Jesus came.

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